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Cello Lesson

Private cello lesson for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. 


For beginners

We will listen to various types of music, and I will provide various methods for you to find the most natural way to get familiar with cello. By knowing what you want to hear, your body will do exactly what you want it to be. And that's our goal.


For intermediate:

We will expand your repertoire. The lesson will be customized by your needs, we will find the best way for you to learn more! If you have problems playing, we will solve it together too!


For advanced students:

We will find the most efficient and natural way for you to practice. And assign a periodic plan which fits you well and make sure that we will achieve your goal. I will also help you to see the music from different perspectives.

Extra information

It's recommended to have your own cello. If not, we will figure it out together.


500kr / 60min

400kr / 45min

300kr / 30min



in Grunerløkka, Oslo

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